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LFC Child Development Center

Child Development Center

Featuring six classrooms, a natural playground, and high-quality learning experiences that prepare children for success, the Child Development Center is a caring environment where children can reach their full potential. It also serves as a demonstration site and innovation lab for early childhood professionals and students.

Group of happy new parents socializing in the Community Learning Center

Community Learning Center

Located on the second floor of the Lighthouse for Children facility, the Community Learning Center is a network of community partners who provide classes for families. From school readiness skills to parenting workshops to training rooms, the Community Learning Center is a valuable resource for parents and families.

Close up of a pregnant woman in class holding a baby doll


Glow! is a prenatal care initiative that brings together a group of eight to twelve pregnant patients, all with similar due dates, for care, education, and comprehensive services. The group fosters relationships while empowering patients to care for themselves and their babies in every stage of their pregnancy journey.

Baby sleeping peacefully in a bassinet

Sleep Safe Baby

Sleep Safe Baby raises awareness, knowledge, and support with the goal of helping families to keep their babies sleeping safely and comfortably. The goal is to fully educate families about sleep practices and reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in the Fresno Community. 

Prenatal + Infant Support

Growing Families

For a healthy birth and pregnancy, it’s essential to prioritize healthy habits. This includes everything from eating nutritious meals and exercising to attending prenatal care visits and building relationships with people in the same life stage. Our goal is to equip and support you with resources and initiatives that empower you to care for yourself and your baby.

Healthy Child Development

Growing Children

Every child develops at their own pace, so it’s important to pay attention to your child’s developmental milestones. This way, you can ensure they are growing stronger and smarter every day. We want to provide you with all the services, resources, and care needed to make the first five years of your child’s life full of fun and growth.

Positive Familial Relationships

Growing Together

Creating strong family bonds while your child is young contributes to healthy development that will last a lifetime. From better social-emotional development to improved cognitive performance, having a loving relationship with your child is powerful. We are here to support your parenting journey through classes, workshops, and resources.

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